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The Kelly Gang Empty The Kelly Gang

on Tue Nov 07, 2017 8:17 pm
The Kelly Gang is one of the largest gangs outside of the Dome of Neo-Tokyo. It specializes in the production of one product: Guns. Founded by George Kelly, a man who braved the Irradiated Sea to find a new home for his family, he arrived at the wastes outside of the Dome more than 30 years ago. When he landed he was quick to set up a niche for himself, producing weaponry for whoever was willing to pay. However fearing competition, the manufacturers inside the dome hired gunmen to take out Kelly and his operation.  They arrived at the Kelly homestead and began the systematic destruction of everything Kelly had spent 10 years building so that his family could live in relative comfort. Kelly, however, was out with his two eldest sons, Edward, and Joseph, scavenging for weapons material. When he arrived he found his home on fire and his wife and his 3 other children hung from the crossbeams of his workshop. With this act of violence, Kelly swore vengeance on those who wronged him, so with his sons he began recruiting a gang to fight those in the Dome who thought that George Kelly would take this lying down. Within 20 years, Kelly cornered the outside-Dome gun market with cheap, rugged weaponry designed to withstand the wastes. The Kelly Gang prizes honest work but is not afraid to get dirtier than the rest to settle a score. Eventually, Kelly wishes to tear down the Dome itself so that he can finally destroy those that had destroyed his life.

"The only thing that matters is you don't let others cross you and show'em why." -George Kelly
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