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Character: Tern Gilheim Empty Character: Tern Gilheim

on Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:03 pm
Tern Gilheim       Gender: Male          Height: 6'5"         Weight: 167 lbs          Bald, Clean shaven

Tarn is an abnormally tall, incredibly lanky man dressed in a trench coat with piercing blue eyes and a vacant smile, marking him as an abnormality in Neo Tokyo and the surrounding areas as someone who actually looks happy. A lighthearted man, he tends to stay neutral when it comes to nearly all conflicts in the world. Tern wants to enjoy his life on his journey to fulfill his goal, and he will try to have fun whenever possible, even mid-combat. His sole purpose, in his eyes, is to "get better", almost in a videogame-esque way. This is shown in his weaponry: Tern is strapped up to his hat in weapons. He decided to become a bounty hunter, as not only would it be fun, it would help train him on his aim to be the best. He wants to become the most proficient when it comes to life and death combat, and as is proved by his still beating heart, he hasn't lost yet.

"All Tern was ever told was of the time before the "catastrophe". Catastrophe catastrophe catastrophe. That's all anyone ever called it. A horrible occurrence, bringing tragedy on the inhabitants of the world and mutating, killing, and impoverishing nearly every human on earth. And so everyone talks about the time before, the great, pure time, where life and death didn't hang in the balance of every move, every step. Tern didn't really get the old stories. He thought that the dome was perfect for him. Truly, a place to fight, life and limb, for anything and everything. There was nothing to lose and everything to gain. So why not have a little fun on his journey to become great?"

Equipment:    1. A latch on his left wrist that, when pulled, extends a length of incredibly strong yet thin garrote wire on a coil that will retract when let go.
2. A blade along his right forearm, powered by a hydraulic drive that shoots the blade out like a switchblade with 1,500 lbs of force which then locks in place, allowing for a perfect CQC weapon.
3. "The Big One": Tern has two pieces of a monster of a gun on his back and left leg, as well as a tripod. Once put together, they form a 57 mm recoilless rifle, capable of busting a shot through an entire tank if need be. capable of firing High Explosive Anti Tank (Heat) or HE rounds (he has 2 of each on his belt). Can also be shoulder fired without the tripod. Weighs about 28 lbs loaded.
4. A 12 shot, .45 caliber handgun.
5. A 20 shot, fully automatic 9mm handgun.
1 Cowboy hat
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