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The Nature of this Forum Empty The Nature of this Forum

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 9:16 am
This website has 2 separate RP "forums" for one to choose from and engage with. Both use the same basic rule structure and both share the same format but the two have different settings and slightly different kinds of roleplay. The Anime Adventures forum was made to be free-form and open while the Sci-Fi forum was made to have mostly set roles. This post will explain how the Sci-Fi forum works so that those who are interested can make a slightly more informed decision on whether to play this forum, the other one, or both. In the Sci-Fi forum, forum members will create and post an alien civilization in the Empire List section. Each alien civilization will vary in power and specialties at the beginning of the "campaign" and thus will be rated by a Power Scale (described in the first empire). The members will then roleplay the interactions between different empires and the individuals that constitute those empires such as diplomats, scientists, merchants, or military. Creativity is encouraged and there are no restrictions (at this time) to the ideas one can design. I encourage forum members to participate in both RP settings as they both have their own experiences to offer. Later I will post some more info on the Interstellar RP setting and some creations as examples for other forum members. I hope you all enjoy what this forum has to offer!
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