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Character: Chief Researcher Royik Puriuri Empty Character: Chief Researcher Royik Puriuri

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:02 am
A member of the Dome of Neo Tokyo’s pristine government, he is the head of all research into Dome technology and the technologies that reside inside. He takes his job seriously; it seems underlings who can not fulfil his high standards end up having fatal “accidents” while conducting their work.
He is a tall man, standing at 6’1”, and a very handsome man, with an appearance that could make the gods (if there were any) envious and lustful. His beauty, however, can’t hide his hideous personality once he opens his mouth; he verbally abuses just about anyone who crosses his path with sharp judgements and threats of mutilation.

He wishes to make the Dome even more perfect and clean, and cannot stand to see people who just tromp through the wastes for whatever reason, the track the grim back into his precious Dome. He wishes to make the Dome completely isolated from the wastes beyond, as well as condemn any citizen who wishes to exit the Dome for any reason. He also wants to make the people within better, and has secretly taken to conducting human experiments to create the “perfect genome”.
He also secretly has a crush on Chief Engineer Nakawa.

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