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The Kelly Family Empty The Kelly Family

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:16 pm
George Kelly: 53, 5'10", 173 lbs, White (Australian), Brown Hair, Large Beard

Background: The name George Kelly means many things to the people around the Dome. To those inside the Dome it means chaos, terror, cruelty. To those outside the dome it means reliability, honesty, and even hope. George Kelly was born in Australia, in the remains of Perth. Due to the nuclear hellfire that engulfed the world years ago, the great desert of the Outback rapidly grew to cover the entire continent. This caused life for everyone there to either embrace the shifting sands or live on the coasts, where the sea could provide some measure of comfort. George Kelly, however was not happy with this life, especially since his wife, Elizabeth, was pregnant with his first child. So to escape this life, he stole one of the few working fishing trawls and fled with his wife and close friend Alexander. For one month, he sailed north, trying to escape. Eventually he landed on the shores of Japan, near the Dome. He was able to quickly set up his business, seeing that the common man needed guns to protect themselves form raiders and mutated wildlife, using his metal working skills and Alexander's knowledge of firearms. Within ten years he had set up the largest gun manufacturing operation outside the dome. With cheaper prices and ruggedness needed for the wastes, Kelly cornered the market, much to the ire of Isozaki Firearms, whose firearms were the only option before Kelly showed up. In order to end this competition Isozaki would send gunmen to destroy this competitor. Kelly would come see the destruction of his life and swore vengeance. George, Alexander and his sons then began recruiting a gang to do three things: Disrupt Isozaki operations outside the dome, continue selling firearms, and to protect those who suffered similar abuse from those inside the dome.  
Personality: Outwardly George Kelly is a serious man with a no nonsense attitude and tremendous work ethic, seeing that the best way to go in life is the way of dedication and honesty. But to those he is close with he is one of jolliest men you will ever meet, cracking jokes at whoever is near. However, beneath even this is a sad man who wants revenge for what has been done to him. As such crossing the Kelly Gang is considered one of the gravest mistakes you can make outside of the dome.  The very first person to cross the Kelly Gang is still hanging right outside the main gate to the Dome, alongside the 4 others who tried to take him down.
Gear: When George Kelly goes into a fight he does so with every intention to win, and as such he wears a large suit of armor made of scrap that protects from most small arms fire.  In addition to this he carries his favorite weapon, a custom double barreled shotgun simply named Elizabeth.

Edward Kelly 33, 6'5", 216 lbs, White (Australian), Bald, Muscular

Background: The eldest son of George Kelly, Edward Kelly is the stronger of the Kelly Sons. Though not dumb by any stretch of the word he did favor his father's more athletic side. He was born on the beach, where his father and mother landed after their one month voyage. He would always be eager to help his father with whatever task he was doing at the moment, and would eventually help his father scavenge for weapon parts. However when his mother and 3 youngest siblings were killed he swore vengeance, just as his father did, against those that had done this. Seen as the brawn behind the Kelly Gang's success he can usually be found at the front of any raid or security operation the Kelly Gang engages in.
Personality: Edward Kelly shares his father's personality as well as looks, and is said to be what his father would be if were a few inches taller. One thing however that separates his father and him is there preference in combat. While his father likes to keep his foes more than an arms length away, Edward revels in the thrill of killing up close.
Gear: As with all members of the Kelly Gang, Edward wears a suit of scrap mail meant to stop bullets and blades alike. In combat he wields a large mace, made from concrete and rebar.

Joseph Kelly 29, 5'9" 167 lbs, White (Australian), Red Hair, Lean build
Background: The second son of George Kelly, Joseph is the brain to his brothers brawn. He maintains a close relationship with Alexander, his fathers closest friend, learning all he can of gun manufacturing to keep the Kelly Gang going once Alexander passes. His relationship with his father is strained at best, due to both his regret for not protecting his mother from Joseph's point of view, and reminding George of Elizabeth too much from George's point of view.
Personality: Joseph Kelly is the spitting image of his mother Elizabeth. Form looks to personality, he shares his late mother's careful approach to most things, and her great cheer when it comes to his family. He prefers to stay out of combat and helps direct the Gangs support of those outside the dome, seeing that the more who support the Kelly Gang, the better they can help others who need it.
Gear: When forced into combat Joseph eschews the heavy armor worn by his brother and father, and instead relies more on agility to get out of combat. Though to protect himself he carries a large caliber handgun meant to warn any who would attack.

Alexander Power 54, 6'3, 182 lbs, White (Australian), Brown Hair, Blind in one eye, with burns all over his body.

Background: Alexander Power is George Kelly's right hand man and closest friend. Born in Perth the year before George himself, the two met at while scavenging what they could from the ruined buildings of the city. Alexander took to old earth firearms, seeing them as greatest tools on Earth and as such he learned how they worked and more importantly, how to make them. He would help George steal the trawler used to escape Perth but was forced to leave his family behind due to connections with the local gangs there. When they landed in Japan he was the one to deliver Edward and was quick to find them a home in the outskirts of the Dome. However it was George who would come up with the idea of selling Alexander's firearms, which up to this point, he kept to himself help to defend George and his new family. Eventually, on the day of the attack, while George and his sons were out scavenging, he was working in the workshop he heard Elizabeth scream and quickly opened the door, but was met with the barrel of a gun. He was shot, but the bullet glanced, destroying his right eye. Believing he was dead, the gunmen rejoined his comrades and began destroying Georges livelihood. Eventually he awoke, in great pain, and found his surroundings on fire with Elizabeth and the three other Kelly children hung from the rafters. At this point George had returned and so began what George calls "The greatest thing anyone has done for me." Alexander quickly began cutting down Elizabeth and the children, protecting them from the flame, and took them outside to George. He would repeat this for each of the family hung, getting burned more each time. George tried to help but was stopped by Alexander himself saying "I'll save 'em. Don't you worry." When he was finished more three-quarters of his body was covered in third degree burns. He would recover but was now forever scarred by the burns. He would be the one this time to come up with the idea, stating they "needed a gang to get back at the bastards who did this."
Personality: Alexander is a grim individual whose hatred and thirst for vengeance burns hotter than the flame that scarred him. Because of this he is the one who controls the raiding aspect of the gang, deciding which targets to hit. And due to his technical knowledge he controls the manufacture and distribution of all guns the Kelly gang produces.
Gear: Special made suit to keep him comfortable while out doing his work.
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