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New Cerexian Union Empty New Cerexian Union

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:37 pm
New Cerexian Union
Adjective: Cerexian
Government: Parliamentary System (Two executive branch members)
Current Diarchs: Irilixalishoru'amfalii (Krel) Gulgog the Omen-Eye (Bufaull)
Homeworld: Old Cerexia (Barren) New Cerexia (Swampy terrain, large oceans)
System: Synapsus Secundus
Language: Electric Pulses (Krel) Bufaullic (Bufaull)
Description: The Bufaull are aggressive tribal amphibians while the Krel are intelligent yet minute crustaceans. The amphibians developed in swampy islands while the crustaceans came to be in the deep sea of their homeworld. When the two races made first contact they came to an agreement and combined their strengths into a single state: the first Union.

Description: The Krel are swarms of crustaceans who can transmit electrical pulses between one another. This communication between separate organisms evolved into the formation of a “hive-mind”. The term swarm intelligence would be more fitting as not all Krel are bound by a single consciousness. Rather, each swarm has its own personality and memories separate from the rest. The Krel are intellectual beings whose lack of a single body makes them akin to energy entities controlling swarms of arthropods. Their nature makes them excellent philosophers and social engineers while they have a lack of appreciation for more concrete sciences. Nevertheless, the Krel form the scientific branch of the Union and have pioneered nearly all of its non-weapon technologies.

Description: Nasty, brutish, and argumentative are all excellent ways to describe the Bufaull. The race lacks any appreciation towards art, philosophy, and thinking of any form. The Bufaull are a physical race who place great emphasis on athletic and combative prowess. The Bufaull even despise tactical thought and consider such eccentrics as crackpots and deviants. Ironically deviance is at the core of Bufaullo identity. The species are highly fractious and break into factions and opposing groups at a moments notice. Even these groups often have frequent disagreements within them as the Bufaull are surprisingly anti-social for tribal creatures. In spite of their many flaws the Bufaull are mighty warriors whose strength and tenacity make them excellent compatriots to the more social and cerebral Krel.

History: 10,000 years ago the Bufaull were savage beasts that roamed their swampy territories in search of insect megafauna. When the Bufaull became sentient they were still aggressive, savage, and territorial. The amphibians formed tribes and frequently warred among themselves for over 1000 years. In spite of their dim-witted nature and lack of creativity the Bufaull's technology advanced in periodic great leaps in which a particular war would spur on the Bufaull scientists to build even more powerful weapons. 100,000 years before the Bufaull a minute and insignificant crustacean species evolved in the deepest seas of Cerexia and began to develop a unique method of communication. The creatures began to use electrical pulses to send signals to one another. At first it was mere jolts of raw data yet as the crustaceans began to evolve swarm behavior they formed “neural” networks of neuron-like organisms. These swarms developed vastly intelligent minds and became a profound race of scholars and philosophers. They had no names for themselves as all of their communication was through thoughts yet the Bufaull would know them as the Krel. The Krel and Bufaullo first made contact when a Bufaull submarine came across a vast Krel swarm during a routine patrol. Thinking the arthropods were mere animals, the Bufaull simply ignored them until one day a Bufaull discovered the unique sentience of the Krel. Eventually the two races developed a means of communication and with the help of the Krel's developed sophistry skills the Bufaull race was united. Despite the two species best efforts at integration, radical xenophobe Bufaull rebelled against the first Cerexian Union. While the Union forces were ultimately victorious, the rebels unleashed a deadly plague in one last act of defiance against the alliance. This virus devastated all multicellular life upon Cerexia and forced the Krel and Bufaull to abandon their homeworld. The Union eventually made its way to a new world viable for their races yet in order to better accommodate their crustacean compatriots the Bufaull altered themselves to carry the Krel within insulated water filled sacs upon their backs. Now that the Union has a new homeworld they plan on reaching into the stars to spread their message of unity and harmony and one day perhaps reclaiming their home.

Power Scale
Military:1 (The Bufaull space fleet is impressive given how recently they acquired space flight yet the lack of technology and the sudden transition to space warfare has left the Union fleet quite lackluster)
Technology: 2 (While the Krel are highly creative and intelligent they have lacked the physical capacity to build technology until a century ago, the Bufaull on the other hand are far less cognitively capable of technological advancement)
Economy: 2 (The brute strength of the Bufaull make them excellent laborers and the Krel are quite capable managers yet the only world that the Union controls is a newly established colony with very few large industrial centers)
Diplomatic:5 (The Krel and Bufaull have become used to sentient organisms unlike themselves, with the charismatic Krel for diplomats the Union is prepared to join forces with other desperate survivors)
Cultural: 5 (The Krel were philosophizing thousands of years before the Bufaull developed the wheel, the wealth of culture and tradition created by the Krel is more than enough to make up for the Bufaull's disdain of art and debate.)
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