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Abdul Hasan Empty Abdul Hasan

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:08 pm
Abdul Hasan is a diplomat from the Indonesian Revanchist State. Hasan grew up in a small village on the island of Borneo. Given the rural and remote location of his home village, Hasan was raised in a comparative paradise isolated from radiation, mutation, or drought. Hasan served in the Indonesian military during the war and holds great pride for his nation. After the second Archipelagic War fifty years ago, the new Indonesian government has maintained strong diplomatic relations with the Dome. Since the formation of the state, Abdul Hasan has acted as the chief Indonesian diplomat to the Dome. Hasan is a very professional and cunning man. While he prefers to avoid direct confrontation and always publicly acts with courtesy, Hasan is a Machiavellian schemer determined to advance the cause of the IRS. A fervent believer in vengeance, Hasan hopes that one day the state can reclaim its lost territory and shatter the Dome into a pile of shards. Nevertheless, he maintains a facade of forgiveness and calm. Given the highly tenuous nature of Japanese-Indonesian relations, the Dome has given Hasan an honorary "thirteenth seat" upon the Council. He isn't allowed to vote but is given numerous precious opportunities to listen to the discussions of the Council and speak on the issues they discuss.
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