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The Three Hand Reivers Empty The Three Hand Reivers

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:27 pm
The Three Hand Reivers is one of the largest and most powerful pirate fleets in the Pacific. Led by Admiral Artemovich the Three Armed, this fleet has been pillaging for countless years, stealing anything that isn't nailed down and kidnapping people to either eat or impress into the fleet. No coastal settlements haven't been touched by this group since the first Archipelagic War, though some claim they have been raiding since even before then, and some even claim the Admiral has been around since before the Great War itself. During both Archipelagic Wars the Three Hand Reivers were active, raiding the homes those who fleets were away. During a brief period during the Second Archipelagic War both the IRS and several city states agreed on a truce to hunt down this devastating fleet of pirates. The Three Hand Reivers were eventually caught but the Allied fleet did not expect a fleet 3 times the size of theirs to be found. And thus was the Slaughter at Trangan Island. Those that managed to escape described hundreds of ships ranging from fishing trawls filled with mutants armed with spears to old world cargo freighters with massive guns. However all say that the focus of the fleet was a old world battleship covered in debris. On its side though, the name Рука Господа (Ruka Gaspoda) can still be read as if it was just printed on there. After the wars though, the Three Hand Reivers would seem to mostly disappear, with the occasional raid hitting an island or two every year.  Though it is said the Admiral himself likes to travel every so often in his flagship to inspire fear in those who would oppose him, though no one knows truly since no one survives their raids.
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