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Admiral Kharitonov Tsezar Artemovich Empty Admiral Kharitonov Tsezar Artemovich

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:48 pm
Admiral Kharitonov Tsezar Artemovich the Three Armed is the leader of the dreaded Three Hand Reivers. Surrounded by much mystery most of what is known of him taken from second hand sources as most who are visited by the Reivers do not live to tell the tale. What has been gleamed from these sources though is that he is a giant of man, with the him being more than 7 feet being the most common claim. He has three arms, one on his left and two on his right and all three are capable of crushing a normal man's skull. He is said to wear the remains of a prewar naval officers uniform with some claiming it was his [i]before[i] the Great War. It is also said he carries three weapons: A large cutlass made from scrap metal, and two large caliber pistols that are said to able to pierce the armor of other vessels. It is said that he is a cruel man that lives of the suffering of others, and that he is also one of the greatest naval commanders to ever sail the irradiated seas. Many have tried to hunt him down but all who try are doomed to a fate that most do not wish to think about. One of the most enduring legends about him is that he does have a soft spot for little girls, protecting them from his own crew, though no claims have ever been substantiated. Another common legend is in regards to where his fleet lies when not out on the prowl with the Hawaiian Islands being a common conjecture though some claim that he controls the remnants of the American West Coast, where he has a large empire he controls.
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