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Character: Moyasu Mochi  Empty Character: Moyasu Mochi

on Thu Nov 09, 2017 5:49 am
This gifted mutant is the seventh and weakest member of the Old Tokyo Seven. She's a young woman with charred short hair, and sallow veiny skin. She carries an old grimy lighter on her person at all times, constantly fidgeting and playing with it. She derives intense pleasure, bordering on orgasmic, from burning things, and people. She has the typical physical prowess of a more advanced specimen of mutant, but her stand-out power is a rare mutation, indicated by the indent on the left side of her forehead. This normally grants a mutant telekinetic power, but due to her fetish, she can only manipulate fire.

Moyasu's history with fire began at the age of five, when her parents met the Purity Crusade of old Tokyo. Infamous for hunting down far-gone deviations from the human genome, and burning them alive. Her abnormalities weren't so apparent to the Crusade who took pity on her, and decided to adopt her, allowing her to work as their torch-bearer. For Moyasu, this meant a front row ticket to what would eventually become her favorite show growing up, the "purification" ceremonies.

She continued to work as torch-bearer for the Purity Crusade until the day they were wiped out. The strike from the Old Tokyo Seven was fierce and merciless, cutting down most of the Crusade's manpower in a matter of days. However, they hadn't anticipated a fight with another talented mutant. By the time they were able to find their screeching comrade, he was already a charred husk. With nowhere else to go, Moyasu replaced the member she had turned to dust, as the seventh of the Old Tokyo.
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