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The Rat Pack Empty The Rat Pack

on Sat Nov 11, 2017 5:00 am
A coalition of mutants so severely altered that most of them no longer resemble humans. The Rat Pack is lead by two mysteriously connected mutants who share ratlike features. One is a quiet and eerie orangutang with a deformed hunchback. He guards the entrance to the Rat Pack's cavernous lair in the sewers. The other and oftentimes main leader of the Pack is a mysterious albino rat-faced mutant. This hulking beast is one of the few mutants brave enough to brave the surface and the numerous threats it contains to rescue more outcasts and gather resources for the mutant tribe. The two founding members originally discovered the caverns beneath the Old Tokyo sewers and intended to use the cave as a hideout from those who would persecute them. In spite of their desire to stay hidden the two couldn't stand by as other "grotesques" were hunted down by servants of the Dome, angry mobs of slum dwellers, or organizations bent on using the mutants as weapons. Gradually the Rat Pack formed from these refugees and developed into a rebellion movement based out of the cave system. The Rat Pack consists mostly of "grotesques" but many psychics who were persecuted due to severe deformities or the mere possession of their power have been taken in by the pack and given their own communal tent. Despite the Pack's goals and intentions to foment a rebellion against the status quo of the Dome, the Pack lacks the resources to actively wage war against their enemies and thus must rely upon subterfuge and guerilla tactics to advance their cause.
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