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Character: Stormcrow Empty Character: Stormcrow

on Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:29 pm
Name: ???  Goes by Stormcrow          Age: 19          
Stormcrow is of average height and build, disguising his greatly improved physical strength due to his mutation. He has a dent in his left temple, marking him as a mutant with telekinesis. His hair is jet black, and covers the left side of his head while standing up on end on his right, as if it were statically charged. He loves industry, computers and the like, especially skyscrapers and other modern architecture. This is probably what played into his telekinesis being manifested in electricity. Even though his parents were poor, they always treated him well and tried to get him things to practice his power on, which is why he has such feelings of loyalty towards them, even willing to go against all of ALPINE to save them. He isn't a very emotional person, and doesn't really feel much remorse for doing jobs for ALPINE, simply because he just doesn't care about people he doesn't know. He isn't evil or sadistic and can actually be a nice person if you know him well. But until then, your well being makes no difference.

Ever since Stormcrow was a child, he could manipulate electricity. He loved his power and he practiced it as often as he could. When he was 5, all he could do was light up a light bulb. By the time he was 11, he could power his small house indefinitely; and when he turned 13, he discovered he could create electromagnetic fields around himself to pull and move objects around himself. He continued to practice his powers and grow until he was 18. Even though his parents tried to keep his powers a secret, ALPINE found out as they always do, and tried to capture him. However, since they allowed him to train his powers and grow unchecked until then, he proved to be much, much more difficult to capture. He could short circuit robots and surveillance electronics, and either kill people with a lethal voltage, or essentially "overclock" their heart and make it explode if that person had really angered him. Because of this, ALPINE took a more sinister approach. They captured his family, threatening to murder them if he didn't cooperate. His parents were very dear to him, and he refused to let that happen. So, in a show of strength to let ALPINE know exactly what they were dealing with, he shut off the power for their entire main building, almost causing the escapes of the multitudes of psychic mutants held imprisoned within. After this incident, ALPINE decided that it may be better to offer Stormcrow more of a partnership deal instead of trying to capture him. After tense negotiations, Stormcrow agreed to partner with ALPINE and do missions for them in exchange for money and housing for him and his parents.

Stormcrow's true name and identity are kept hidden by ALPINE, so to make sure that he isn't threatened in the same fashion ALPINE tried a year ago. After the power outage, ALPINE feared Stormcrow going rogue again, and put in place numerous safety measures and electronics in their building, making it nigh-impossible to have the feat repeated again.
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