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on Thu Nov 16, 2017 12:28 am
Markus walks through the Dome's city buildings with his hands in his pockets, calmly strolling, despite the concerned glaces from passerbies when they see the three guns he has holstered around his torso and the blade strapped to his arm. He walks past hotels, restaurants, and business; down alleys and through subways, until he reached a nondescript shop. He opens the door and steps inside. The shop has some knickknacks on shelves, as well as umbrellas (not very helpful when the city is covered by a glass dome to protect it from radiation) and plastic ponchos. An old tired man sits behind the counter at the far end of the store. Markus walks up to the desk, not even looking at the man, and taps his fingers on the counter and says, "Looks rainy today." The man only slowly nodded as Markus went through the counter half-door and towards the back room. The back room only has some dusty boxes stacked against the walls and a single light bulb in the center of the ceiling. Walking over to a large stack, he pulls on one of the side boxes, and instead of the stack tumbling, they all remain attached and swing together to show elevator doors behind and a single button. Pressing the button, the elevator doors open and Markus steps inside. A numpad dimly lights up, and he inputs a sequence of numbers, after which the doors close and he begins to descend.
The wait lasts about thirty seconds before the doors open to show an old and abandoned subway system; the trains had long since broken down and the entrances have been blocked off with cement. Journeying through the darkness, Markus takes a seemingly random set of lefts and rights, before reaching a single steel door with a bar of light above it. Turning the lever causes bars on the other side to disengage and the door creaks open. Beyond is a variety of rooms: a barracks, armory, baths, kitchen, and some steel doors that appear to be locked, and one room that simply says "Meetings". He walks to the door that has the number 3 above it and digs into his vest. He produces one of his throwing knives, but it looks slightly misshapen when compared to the others, and inserts it into the lock and turns it. The room beyond appears to be a bedroom with its own bathroom in a side room. "Damn bastard, ruining my clothes..." Opening the dresser positioned adjacent to the bed, he grabs another Fumigator jacket and a mask. He dons his jacket, flicking the collar, and places the mask into one of the internal pockets. He then moves some boots and uncovers an ammo box, which he proceeds to open and refill his pockets with munitions and reloads his guns. He closes the box, then the dresser, then leaves his room and re-locks the door.
Markus walks over to the meeting room and pushes open the door. Inside is a long table with an array of chairs. He walks over to the far end, where a transmission apparatus and radio speaker rests. He lifts the speaker and simply says, "Everyone, come here now." Within an hour, the room is filled with other Fumigators of all types, shapes, and sizes.
A burly man with a hairy face grumbles, "What's with this sudden meeting, Markus? We are all kind of busy." Markus remains quite and looks around the room.
An attractive woman with a lean-muscled body walks inn, her jacket unzipped half way showing off her low cut V-neck and well-endowed chest, speaks up in a tomboy-ish voice, "Yeah, Sweetie. I'm happy to answer your call anytime, but what's the occasion?" She gives a sly smile. "Is it time for our annual ability assessment?" She leans on the table with her elbows and says, "You know, I've been meaning to give you some lessons, myself. Did you know the French came up with something commonly known as "French kissing"? I've been meaning to teach you for a while now."
Markus sighs and says, "Let's not and say we did; we have more pressing matters to attend to." He places his hands on the table and begins, "Some of you may have heard by now, but when I was in the wastes, the poor were attacked by a giant robot, which I swiftly put down. But as I was investigating the remains, I was attacked-" he pulls out the lighter from his pocket and tosses it onto the table- "by some girl who used this lighter to launch fireballs at me. It was obvious she intended to maim or kill me, and potentially any bystanders around. From her swift arrival to the scene, it leads me to believe she must have known where the robot was and its demise. I was forced to defend myself and managed to down her, but was severely wounded in the process. I was them approached by a man who offered to help, but sucker punched me and captured me, where I then talked to a man who called himself and his gang "The Old-Tokyo Seven". I haven't heard of them, but seeing the girl's actions and her comrade's, I do not believe they are a "charitable" type. As a member in a leadership position, I propose we deal with these dangerous individuals, and stop them before they injure any other civilians. Opinions?" Markus takes a seat and leans back, crossing his arms and resting his feet up on the table.
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