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Character: SDAMS Mark 3.0 -WIP- Empty Character: SDAMS Mark 3.0 -WIP-

on Thu Nov 16, 2017 6:08 am
Sentient-Drive Anti-Mutagenic Soldier Mark 3, otherwise known as SDAMS Mark 3, is state of the art technically made during the latter years of the great war. When weaponized mutants were dominating the war, suppressing them was often the difference between victory or defeat. The world needed a soldier that could withstand tons of force applied by psycho-kinetics, keep pace with mutants that could move faster than the human eye can register, respond with enough firepower to eliminate targets that could regenerate completely from a drop of blood, and have the intelligence to adapt to unexpected scenarios. Many considered the creation of such a weapon a fruitless endeavor, until one day, the States decided to fund a research project for artificial weapons in a desperate bid to win the war that was out of their favor.

The lead scientist, and well-known genius at the time famously spoke, "Life is like its own engineer. It creates complex machines in response to cues in its environment, and boy, might I say, considering the state of our country, it's really outdone itself. Life has created machines that can perform wonders once thought unimaginable, enough to drive our backs against the wall. If we consider the very important question of humanities extinction, we must consider another very important question. Who's the better engineer?" This man was none other than Dr. Johannes. Under the influence of Dr. Johannes, the new project by the States bore fruit in less than three years, with the SDAMS.

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