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on Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:16 am
Long ago there was a terrible catastrophe. A nuclear war the scale of which could not be imagined. The skies were choked with smoke and the lands raged with flame. For three hellish months, the world appeared to be dying. Then something even more horrendous occurred. When the violent labor had ceased the Earth had given birth to hideous children. Mutants, deformed and crippled, roamed the Earth in a quest to reclaim their lost humanity. These monsters were stronger, faster, yet sicklier than pure humans and held an incomprehensible hatred for mankind. Confronted by such devastating beasts, the nation of Japan build vast Dome cities to protect its people from contamination and the hordes of ravenous beasts. Today the city of Neo-Tokyo stands as the world's last great city with an immense population of 2 million citizens. In spite of its prestige, Neo-Tokyo is a stratified society and while the elites receive royal treatment in the comfort of the Dome, the commonfolk struggle in slums stretching out beyond the horizon.
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