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Isozaki Firearms Empty Isozaki Firearms

on Wed Nov 08, 2017 3:38 pm
Isozaki Firearms is one of the most influential corporations within the Dome. Starting from nothing the company formed just as the Dome was finished being built. They gained their power through corporate espionage and other underhanded tactics. They are responsible for the production of 90% of firearms made in the Dome, with only custom gun makers being able to compete. These firearms are officially considered to be the best quality one can get and are guaranteed to be able to survive anything. Unofficially anyone worth their salt goes with anything made by the Kelly Gang since the are the cheap, rugged type of weapons needed in the wastes. But the official tag is enough for any Dome citizens wishing to purchase a firearm and for the Dome security forces. The CEO of Isozaki Firearms is Okuma Hirotada, the third CEO in the companies relatively short history. He was the one to orchestrate the tragedy the befell the Kelly family, doing so right before his quick takeover of the company. He is a cruel man that seeks to gain complete control of the council, through any means necessary.
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