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Korphous Remnant Empty Korphous Remnant

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 7:50 pm
Korphous Remnant
Adjective: Korphous
Government: Elected Lifetime Dictatorship
Current Overseer: Bagglusch Farum'Rokosh
Homeworld: Unknown
Systems: Unknown
Language: Korphousian
Description: A highly stratified society of mysterious suited organisms. The Korphous have a single supreme leader who guides their specie's development. They claim to have been one of the great ancient empires of the golden age and despite their mechanical appearances they also claim that they are staunch defenders of organics.

Korphous Remnant Korpho10
Description: The Korphous appear as bulky metallic figures. Whether they are androids or simply wear advanced pressure suits is up to debate yet the Korphous themselves vehemntly proclaim themselves to be organics. They are never seen without their metallic carapaces and it is rumored that if a Korphous interacts with another organic without its exterior they are summarily executed on orders by the Overseer. The Korphous follow their leader with zeal and loyalty that not even the most potent torture or threats could erode. They match into battle with grim determination and no one has witnessed a Korphous retreat in over 10,000 years. The Korphous' claim to a legacy of decadence and greatness is not that hard to believe. The ironclad warriors frequently raid other species with great military expertise and unusally advanced technology that was most likely created by one of the early civilizations. Much of the Korphous is unknown yet it is conjectured by many that they are nomadic raiders, their homeworld presumably having been destroyed in an epic war long ago. They steal large quantities of resources and technology from their victims yet never seize slaves, land, or political dominion over those they defeat. Some think they are merely pilfering cowards whose claim to glory is false bravado, their technology having been seized from one of the many species they have pillaged. Others fear the Korphous are who they claim to be and that in a far away corner of the galaxy a hidden Korphous empire lies in wait to strike at the numerous young species developing in the recovering galaxy.

History: Little is known of the Korphous except what paltry information they freely dispense. They claim to have been one of the first species to take to the stars. According to them they were opposed to the creation of AI and foresaw the eventual war that would occur between organic and synthetic life. Due to their sage foresight, the Korphous apparently were prepared to combat the synth menace and emerged from the war intact. In modern times they appear very rarely, almost always upon raiding or scavenging ships manned solely by Korphous.

Power Scale:
Economy: 1-2? (The Korphous are widely believed to be nomadic scavengers lacking a true home planet. They lack the infrastructure to harvest their own materials and our highly reliant on procuring supplies from other less advanced civilizations or ruins)
Military: 4 (The Korphous fight with such zeal and fanaticism that many armies collapse out of intimidation. Their military technology is decades ahead of most species with light-speed travel and the Korphous are renowned for unusual and ingenious tactics)
Technology: 4 (The Korphous have advanced and unusual lightspeed technology that is faster yet much easier to track than conventional hyperdrive technology. The Korphous also appear to have an excellent grasp on the technology of ruined civilizations. Furthermore, the weaponry and armor of the Korphous are superior to most other species' )
Culture: 3 (While the Korphous are not talented artists, the practice of oratory is common among their species. Korphous "bards" are renowned for their war stories and excellent recall of long past events)
Diplomacy: 1 (The Korphous only interact with other races when they want something from them. The usual method of acquisition involves large usage of force)
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